OptiCo provides practical tools for critical thinking and persuasive communication. It combines principles for concise communication with efficient technology for document and presentation production. The solution has been proven successful in the Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe and Africa/Middle East.  

Competitive Advantage

You gain a competitive advantage when you consistently provide documents and presentations that answer your customer’s questions and help them make informed decisions. The persuasive flow of communication created with OptiCo will allow your customer to easily understand how your offer creates value for them. The solution will guide you to identify customer needs and create a document story with a persuasive message and focused content. Coaching, guidance and self-learning tools embedded in the daily work flow will maintain high quality communication and performance. The result for your organization is a sustainable competitive advantage.

Customer Value

OptiCo will help you maintain consistent communication that persuasively presents the value of premium products. This is key to gaining new business and upgrading to flagship products. Effectively communicating your winning proposition will empower the sales of your premium products and services by clearly presenting the benefits that create value for your customers. These customer benefits must be focused on what matters to each customer rather than general benefits found in a brochure.

Sales Process

OptiCo provides a powerful solution for companies selling premium products or services. If your sales organization practices Benefit Selling and the SPIN method, OptiCo will complete and elevate your offer in multiple languages and currencies.

Customer Focus

OptiCo allows you to dynamically focus your offer as markets evolve. Real time analytics, integrated coaching and guided daily processes combine to quickly implement and perform offer adjustments.

OptiCo analytics are driven from customer communication data. Users and managers craft, adjust and track communication with a focus on customer value and sales success. The tracking of results is driven by the user’s desire to improve the success rate of future customer communications. The result is more accurate analytics based on sales communication data rather than from inaccurate or inflated sales projections and goals.

Integrated coaching maintains quick adjustment implementation and performance for new and experienced employees.