What Our Clients Say

Clients consistently score Communication Constructs, Inc. (CCI) - OptiCo training solutions as outstanding and report measurable improvement in clarity and impact of their communication. In addition, clients report increased efficiency of document production and team collaboration. As a result, Fortune 500 Corporations, professional firms and government agencies maintain a strategic partnership with CCI year after year.



Abacus Technology

" I believe that this will help me tremendously. I already see how I will organize my thoughts more effectively and will reduce writing time."

" I am better prepared to fulfill the writing requirements I face on a day to day basis.”

" Excellent structure was easy to understand and apply from the macro down to micro level."


American Bankers Association

" Reinforced the need to think things through and plan before jumping into writing. Very useful method for structuring ideas before writing."

" This will improve communication within ABA departments and will eliminate the confusion and help increase acceptance of ABA’s position on issues."

" Our issues are varied and hard to grasp. Some of us sell for revenue, some give information as a service; this adapted well to both needs."




" helped me to be more confident. I feel I have the techniques now to overcome my written communication blocks."

" I liked the focus on the basic structure of a memo and how the structure applies to all business writing."





" Provided a framework to organize a short response or a lengthy document—a formidable task indeed.

" Crystallized the thought process and structure that will be used for the current proposal and will ensure consistency across the team. Extremely valuable on a project of this magnitude."




Boeing Company

" Helped to organize my writing. Also allowed me to evaluate my subject matter, add details and write more effectively and faster."

" It will be a great help in writing summary reports to my boss for his boss and will help me get to the point."


Booz Allen Hamilton

" Very valuable and pertinent to current work. Helped address immediate problem."

" Excellent—helped me to put writing into pictures (something that I can understand)."

" Provided a framework to organize my thoughts. This framework can be used in all forms of writing from casual email to scientific articles to reports."

" Very useful structure for taking complex documents and breaking them down into manageable components."



" Helped put me in the right frame of mind to tackle a major proposal. It gave me a simple method that can be used immediately."

" Helped refocus my writing for the upcoming proposals. The structure and organization of my writing had gotten loose."

" Proposal writing is no longer intimidating to me."



Denro Corporation

" Introduced a practical method for creating, structuring and editing documents."

" Made it clear how to create a good first draft. I am now able to clearly communicate my ideas to others quickly and effectively."

" Most beneficial were the creation of drafts, formatting work and use of graphics."


Dyn Corporation

" Most beneficial was the visual depiction of organizing thoughts—the fundamental building blocks. Excellent. Simple concepts that can be readily implemented."

" Very valuable, it has given me a structure to use when writing and ideas for raising the quality of its content. Clarified the writing process and provided solutions for difficult areas of writing."

" I have already given a strong recommendation to HR. The division is currently looking for ways to improve the proposal process."



EDS Corporation

" I didn't realize how necessary it would be. Adds much to a writer's tools especially given the complexity of the RFP and the solution being developed."

" Although I had already written portions of the proposal, I was able to reconstruct my input into a much better document."

" Provided the concepts and format to effectively and consistently produce high level documents."

" Valuable at this point in time because of intense writing period for the proposal. Gave the team a unified structure to write the proposal."




" I needed to vastly improve my thought process relative to writing. My expectations were met."

" CCI showed a strong understanding of corporate operations, document formats and communication challenges. Excellent applications to our business: engineering proposals, letters, etc..."



" The methodology will be a valuable tool for a consistent, repeatable process for proposal development. Excellent for Pink Team and Red Teams reviews."



" This system will give a framework for brainstorming, drafting and review sessions. It will also help teams develop one voice."

" It creates a common language and technique when several persons work on a project. It will save time in writing."

" Writing is a major function for all team members on the Networx RFP. I am actually looking forward to my next writing assignment."


Lockheed Martin

" It provided me with a vocabulary and methodology for explaining to my editors and technical writers why I change their documents. It is going to be of great value in coaching others."

" The scope of proposal writing is changing. Those who had previously not been involved in proposal writing will need to start contributing. This will help them!"

" The worksheets will be helpful at the start of a writing project by forcing you to focus on the message. They make you think in parallel and show where the holes are."

" Technical people generally do not like writing. By providing structure and tools, this technique can turn that around."




" This will assist me in my ability to write meaningful and concise responses to management and the customers."

" Valuable to many levels of people—management, tech writers and new people in the company. Also, Sr. managers provide better leadership."

" Extremely valuable in understanding better structure and development of all proposal requirements."


MITRE Corporation (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Engineering)

" The concept of using building blocks to "frame" the communication really turned on the lights."

" Succinct ideas and good models—will help my own writing and help me guide the writing of others."

" Extremely valuable! Definitely prepares one for the task ahead. Covers everything there is to know about preparing a document."

" Encourages both creativity and identification of key ideas. This provides the writer with right brain and left brain involvement. I like that!"

" Provides a clear picture of how to initiate, develop and revise our written communication."




" Showed great flexibility in being able to pick up on our specific paradigms and showing how they map onto your methodology."

" Most valuable was learning how to distill and organize our data for a more efficient presentation. I also liked the way you encouraged the team aspect of our work and presentations."

" Greatly improved my understanding of document structure and better writing techniques. It provided a model for clear writing which will give me confidence in preparing submissions."

" This enhanced my ability with some very powerful writing techniques for composing informative and persuasive writing. "

" The organizational structure for documents is highly beneficial as well as the breakdown of paragraphs and sentences. This would benefit NASA project managers and NASA’s overall management."





" This gave a framework to rely on when writing and helped me to organize thoughts and develop a plan of action. It should be made available to all including executives."

" The shows the difference between just writing and writing to be understood. It should be available to all employees and mandatory for the majority. It is important for the company to present a polished image."




" I feel I am much better equipped to tackle all of my writing/editing assignments. Key value is providing a comprehensive method of handling the writing process—in rethinking our approach to communicating."

" Most writing I do is for training guides. This helps with organizing thoughts and brainstorming and is very valuable in terms of helping to lay foundation for all writing—good, practical pointers."

" Turns writing into simple, step-by-step process. Helps decrease the fear factor. Lots of good information in the tutorial. Workscreens are especially helpful for planning and initiating the writing process—should result in more coherent, focused writing—and less procrastination!"




" This is one of the critical knowledge-based techniques that we need to continue to make us a better company. I now have a clear format for writing proposals."

" I can finally sit down and write, instead of procrastinating. The fundamental building blocks apply to all types of our writing!"

" I am now better able to write. It has given me a sense of direction, and I won’t be lost when I have to write."



Sallie Mae

" Very useful for providing information to clients in an intelligent and cohesive manner. Most beneficial are the worksheets for writing quickly and efficiently."

" By using examples of prior writing, I was able to pinpoint weaknesses. Effective communication is essential, both internal and external."



" Starting a writing project has always been a problem for me. This has given me a tool to focus my thoughts and produce clear, concise documents with far less stress."

" Very good. This solution has direct relevance to what we are doing NOW. Tools provided a single pulled together format."



U.S. Army

" It provides many benefits. Practical applications to everybody’s work on a daily basis. Builds confidence to write. Helps to make writing more enjoyable!"

" It will save a lot of time when drafting letters and memos. I was able to create a memo in 10 minutes after formatting the ideas."



U.S. State Department

" Met objectives; examples were pertinent, techniques and anchors were excellent. The discussion of fundamental building blocks is directly applicable to headquarters operations and would be extremely useful for those personnel."

" At State, it is imperative that position papers and directives be clear, concise and convincing. The fundamental building blocks are the key. They are easy to understand, and the structure helps to simplify complex issues."



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