Case Study

International Market Leading Corporation

Situation: Systemic challenge of communicating customer value and efficiently producing consistent quality documents across global regions.

Endorsed the innovative OptiCo software solution for use on and offline. Implemented world-wide through regional teams. Maintained central control of formats and usage in 15 languages.

Outcome: Users were awarded recognition for excellence of reports written with OptiCo. The corporation identified OptiCo as a competitive advantage.




Increase writer confidence.

Clarify your thinking and stay on track with just-in-time guidance.

Solve the Blank Page Syndrome and get a fast start with structured templates.

Increase efficiency through default template content and automated content linking.

Collaborate with peers and management using common objective measures.

Create a cycle of continuous improvement with real-time targeted feedback.

Build on earlier work with precise database content reuse.

Individuals learn through small bits of instruction embedded in the work process

Managers measure success objectively and facilitate collaboration

Organizations control and protect quality



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