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CCI - OptiCo provides a complete communication solution including consulting services, tailored training and a new innovative software platform.

CCI took a winning communication method successfully taught to leading organizations for twenty years, and created a software solution that automates the method to measurably improve quality, simplify and speed up the process and maintain consistency across regions and languages.



The CCI Story

The CCI writing method evolved out of the insightful questions and suggestions of the thousands of people who have participated in our communication programs. The writing method was previously available only to groups that could attend CCI training. Now, the OptiCo software solution makes the benefits of the method available to everyone.

The OptiCo software solution has been field tested and proven in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia. Real world feedback from users enables us to continually improve the tool and assure its practical benefits.







Walter Lowney

Walter Lowney, author of the Five Building Blocks Of Business and Technical Writing and The Leverage Points Of Winning Proposals, has for twenty years been helping clients prepare major proposals and presentations as well as conducting workshops nationwide. Notable among his other publications are Nine Secrets Of Powerful Presentations and Persuasive Legal Writing and Reasoning.

Academic experience includes teaching at the law schools of Boston University and the University of Pennsylvania. Walter was a senior editor of the Boston University Law Review and a post-graduate Gowen Fellow at Boston College.


Rick Ortiz

Rick Ortiz, founder of Ortiz Consulting and CIMASOFT, brings years of technical experience helping organizations of all sizes successfully automate and streamline mission critical operations. This real world knowledge insures that CommunicationCreator can be effectively used in the most limited and secure network environments.





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