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The OptiCo solution provides a competitive advantage by empowering individuals and organizations to consistently communicate customer value. Although customers may believe competitors have equivalent offerings to yours, the best way to distinguish your offer is to clearly communicate how your product or service will provide value. This requires a clear concise message focused on the needs of each customer rather than a general list of benefits. OptiCo users consistently produce successful customer focused spoken and written communications including; email, letters, reports, proposals and presentations.



The OptiCo communication method is universal. It will immediately improve customer communication with an efficient process, centrally controlled formats and objective quality measures. These features ensure that new and seasoned employees across the globe will create clear, consistent and impactful customer communications..



The OptiCo Hybrid-Cloud platform features easy on-line and off-line use, configured document templates and three levels of embedded guidance. Users will plan, draft and edit in a single environment with the benefits of context-sensitive guidance, a visual document structure chart and easy re-use of database content. OptiCo also facilitates peer-peer collaboration including co-development and supervisor review. The results are professional quality documents delivering the same, powerful core messaging across markets and languages.


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Two decades of consulting with Fortune 500 companies provides the hands-on experience to make OptiCo a successful global solution.


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